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Ashbury College's yearbook, The Ashburian, dates back to 1941. A special 100-year edition was created in 1991 to capture the history of the school from 1891-1991. At the school’s request, the Internet Archive ( has digitized back issues of The Ashburian and we will continue to add a new volume to our online archives each year.

To view the publication, sort the page by date published to see the books in chronological order, and then click on the cover of the publication year of your choice. The yearbook will display on your screen in a book-style format. Simply click to flip the pages.

You may also use the “Search” function (using the magnifying glass icon located to the right of the publication page spread) to find specific topics or people listed in the publication. The search will produce orange tabs along the bottom of the screen. Click on each to see the highlighted references that correspond to your search.
Yearbooks are downloadable in a variety of formats via the menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

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