TEDxAshburyCollege 2018: Changing Minds for a Changing World

Join us on Wednesday, November 21 in the Ashbury Theatre for the 2018 TEDxAshburyCollege event. TEDxAshburyCollege is an independently-organized TEDx event featuring unique TED-style talks where individuals, both Ashbury students and members of the broader community, deliver five to 11-minute speeches on interesting ideas revolving around this year’s theme of “Changing Minds for a Changing World”.

Wednesday November 21
Ashbury College Theatre
Session I: 2 pm to 3:15 pm
Session II: 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Session I Speakers:

  • Courtney Symons—The Mechanics of Storytelling
    Courtney Symons is a journalist and a lead writer at Shopify. She embarked on a research mission to become a better storyteller and her speech will be the blueprint of all she has learned.  
  • Maryam Balaa— Let’s Put Our Minds Together to Close the Gender Wage Gap in Canada!
    Maryam Balaa is a Grade 6 student at Ashbury College. She won the 2018 public speaking contest for Grades 4,5 and 6 and she wishes to deliver her opinion about how we all need to change our minds in providing equal pay for equal work for men and women in all professions.
  • Wei Li—Living in the Cold: What can we learn from hibernators?
    Wei Li is a Senior Investigator at the National Institutes of Health. He will be sharing his insight into the biology of hibernation and the implications to medicine and space travel.
  • Kamal Balaa—Changing Our Minds to Save Water
    Kamal Balaa is a Grade 6 student at Ashbury College. He has had multiple public speaking experiences and he has learned the importance of water and environment by being part of the environmental club.
  • Jeremy Dias—Creating Cultural Literacy for LGBTQI2+ Communities
    Jeremy Dias is the founder of the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. As a youth, he was motivated by social and political inequality to take action, and volunteered with numerous organizations and charities. At the age of 21, he won Canada’s second largest human rights settlements.
  • Jing Duo Gao—A Changing Mindset: Creativity is not optional anymore
    Jing Duo Gao is a Grade 11 student at Ashbury College. He believes that we need to be more creative as the Artificial Intelligence continues to be developed and it may take over the majority of the professions in the future.
  • Ariel Lyons—Visual Arts – the Universal Subject, Not the Easy Subject
    Ariel Lyons is a local artist and she has had over ten local and international exhibitions. She hopes her speech will make the community be more aware of the importance of the education of Visual Arts, not see it as an unnecessary area of study.

Session II Speakers:

  • Nic Gauthier—The Great Mysteries of Contemporary Culture - Memes
    Nic Gauthier is a Grade 11 student at Ashbury College. He will share his ideas about how the new generation works with social media and why it is so impactful to our everyday lives. Nic was featured on CTV Ottawa Morning News live and won the East Ottawa speech competition.
  • Adam Dodek—The Need for Law in an Age of STEM
    Adam Dodek is the Dean of the Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa. He was featured on CBC Ottawa News and CPAC.
  • Tara Rida—Open Minds for a Unified World
    Tara Rida is a Grade 12 student at Ashbury College. Identified as a Muslim, she will be speaking about the cultural biases against minority groups.
  • Andrew Scheer—Youth Engagement in the Public Life
    Andrew Scheer is a Canadian politician who is currently the Leader of the Conservative Party. His speech will deliver his message about youth engagement in public life.
  • Pippa Kolking—How Us Zero-savers Can Transform into Zero-wasters
    Pippa Kolking is a Grade 11 student at Ashbury College. She wishes to make an impression so that people learn and give an effort to re-evaluate their life, change how they consume products, dispose of their waste, and change their lifestyle.
  • Jennifer Oliver—No Pain, All Gain: How we can tune into our bodies for the true wisdom we seek
    Jennifer Oliver is an Ashbury alumna, who now is the founder and CEO of FitMama. As a trainer, nutritionist, coach and mom herself, Jennifer helps women to be healthier during and after their pregnancies.
  • Carlisle Adams—Changing Cryptography for a Changing World
    Carlisle Adams is a cryptographer and a cybersecurity professor at the University of Ottawa. He believes that his speech will bring a greater awareness that cryptographic algorithms will need to be redesigned to keep society’s data safe.
  • Dr. Daniel Coutu—What Information Should We Believe and Trust?
    Dr. Daniel Coutu works at The Ottawa Hospital and he focuses his research on 3-D printing of nonhematopoietic bone and bone-marrow cells and molecules. He wishes that his speech will raise awareness about the dangers of fakes news and the difficulties in finding relevant information using new technologies.

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