Junior Leadership Team

The Junior School Administrative Team oversees the operation of the Junior School Academic Program. This learning environment is for the 160 students from Grades 4 to 8. Students are assigned to Home Forms of about 15-20 students while subject classes range from 10-21 students. An eight-period, nine-day timetable is used with one morning break and one lunch break.

There is one Home Form for each of Grades 4 to 6. In Grade 4, the form teacher is responsible for most subjects; however, students change classes for art, French, music and physical education & games. French classes are subdivided into two sets so that each student may work at a suitable pace. In Grades 5 and 6, two teachers are responsible for most of the curriculum with specialists in music, art, drama, French, and PE/games.

Grades 7 and 8 have three Home Forms each. Students advanced in English language skills may be together in one Form in Grade 7. The other students are divided evenly and randomly between the other two Forms, so that overall skill levels are similar. Students are also split into different levels for core French. History and geography may be taken in either French or English and divisions also exist for mathematics. Because of these divisions, students in Grades 7 and 8 change groupings throughout the day. Music, art and drama are compulsory for Grade 7 and are options for Grade 8.

In addition to academic support by the Form and subject teachers a resource teacher helps to track and monitor student achievement. Physical and emotional support systems are enhanced through interactions with the school nurse and the Life Skills coordinator.

Throughout his/her time in Junior School, each student belongs to one of four Houses: Dragons, Goblins, Hobbits and Wizards. House points can be earned for almost every type of activity at school, with a system of points divided between academics, athletics and the arts. Points are also awarded for effort and achievement, or when a teacher feels that a student has made an extra effort around the school.

Junior Leadership Team

Kendal Young
Head of Junior School

Andrew Young
Assistant Head of Junior School

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