Drama at Ashbury

Whether you’re creating an Evil Time Lord, introducing your favourite athlete or thanking a guest you’re telling your audience all about you. How can you do this to your own best advantage? Find out in Drama.

Put your personal mark on carols at the School's Carol Service or be the creepiest Aunt Polly ever. Entertain at Governors’ Walk or listen to the rapt silence of an audience absorbed by a play you’ve directed. Find out what feelings you have in common with a ruthless dictator, choreograph a music video in a brand new style or multitask the running of 800 square feet of stage and smoky special effects.

Whether it's hours of rehearsing or minutes of improv, singing or skits, backstage or centre-stage, it's all drama and it's all about you.

All the world's a stage… What's your part?

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