Mathematics at Ashbury

The learning of mathematics at Ashbury is an active process in which the students explore, develop, test, discuss and apply ideas. A life-long love of mathematics is the goal of the Junior School mathematics department.

Grade 4 students focus on crucial role of estimation, problem solving, technology and real world applications. In all activities the students are encouraged to work with concrete materials and familiar ideas, investigate the realistic uses of numbers in their everyday world, explore number patterns and relationships and solve realistic problems using a variety of approaches.

At the Grade 5 and 6 levels the initial emphasis is on calculation skills such as mental calculation, estimation and checking strategies. Students will use group work to think through more involved problem solving activities with an emphasis is on process and communication over product.

The Grade 7 math program is an exciting opportunity for students to gain invaluable life skills by developing the ability to problem solve and reason. Whether creating a new type of cereal and building it's packaging or organizing and budgeting a school dance, the students complete “real-life” mathematics problems.

Building on knowledge gained in Grade 7, the Grade 8 mathematics program continues to focus on fundamental mathematics principles. Students begin to work more independently while maintaining positive group dynamics. Still focused on "real-life" challenges student projects include building a pop can as well as completing winter and summer Olympic assignments.

In Grade 7 and 8 students can participate in an enriched stream  provided they have a strong background and solid grasp of the subject matter. In all grades the Junior School mathematics department emphasizes the importance of following or developing process to ensure the successful completion of any task.

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