Meet the Boarding Team

Living at a boarding school presents unique opportunities and challenges for students, especially when they are away from home for the first time. It is our goal to make boarding a happy and rewarding experience for all of our students. Students who board with us want to take part in an exciting and vibrant boarding program that will enhance their leadership skills, help them further develop their life skills and build lifetime friendships.

Throughout the year we offer numerous opportunities for our students to learn to be better members of our community, but it is without a doubt that the greatest learning happens during those precious unpredictable teachable moments that occur when students are living in community.

Danielle Mitra, M.Ed
Director of Student and Residential Life

Boarding Team


Director of Boarding and Homestay Life: Danielle Mitra 

Gillin Residence team: 

Head of Residence: Caroline LeGresley 

  • Amy Huang
  • Tanja Ness
  • Emma Kanga 

Maple Residence team: 

Head of Residence: Erica Mooney 

  • Gowri Muralidhar 

Matthew Residence team: 

Head of Residence: Todd Lamont 

  • Eric Lavergne
  • Nathan Lackey
  • Cody MacFarlane 

Registered Nurse:

Tui Noonan

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