Life Skills Support

An integral part of Ashbury's commitment to academic excellence and individual development, Life Skills Support is designed to introduce and promote healthy lifestyles for our students and their families. This resource embraces the notion that providing environments that are conducive to academic and emotional success is critical in developing happy and successful students.

These goals are reached via a prevention and intervention model. Specifically, students and their families receive information about various adolescent issues through personal meetings or written materials. Students also have the opportunity to participate in activities relating to the promotion of social norms and self-management as well as developing refusal skills and maintaining positive social interactions.

Life Skills Support at Ashbury has been coordinated by Chapman Uko since 1998. Mr. Uko has degrees in psychology, criminology and theology as well as specialized training in addiction prevention and intervention. He also draws from his experiences while working in the correctional system, Youth in Justice Canada and while participating as an Early Intervention Program team member at the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

Chapman Uko works towards achieving the Life Skills Support goals by offering group and individual counselling to students and their families. He feels that it is important to help families “reclaim their kids” when difficulties arise. He also regularly facilitates in-class discussions in the Junior and Senior Schools on a variety of topics including making healthy choices and building self esteem.

"We owe it to our students to collaborate and dialogue to find ways to connect with them. We need to talk about what is really important to them and this cannot happen unless they feel comfortable with their emotional environment. We must also be willing to hear their issues, their questions, and their challenges as they go through this time in their lives. To enable them to share what really matters personally, we must be willing to ask them what they would need from themselves and from others to make it safe to do so." - Chapman Uko

Life Skills Support has been instrumental in helping Ashbury students face the challenges that many adolescents encounter such as: handling peer pressure, anger and stress management, conflict resolution, time management, and parent-teen conflict.

Chapman Uko's first priority is to build relationships with the Ashbury students. He knows that students who are in distress will be more likely to turn to someone they know rather than a stranger. To that end, you will also see him participating in and facilitating the Grade 7 and Grade 9 Camp Otterdale trips and coaching the Jr. Boys' Soccer team as well as getting involved in most campus-wide events. The Ashbury College family is fortunate to have him here.

No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care." - Don Swartz

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