Students in Service

Ashburians are required to volunteer in service projects in Ottawa, Canada or internationally. Through service to others, Ashbury students learn the difference they can make and the responsibility they have to contribute to our local and global communities. Each year, our students and staff give over ten thousand hours of volunteer service to the people and causes in which they believe.

Ashbury offers three ways for students to get involved in service projects:

The Community Service Program

The Community Service Program manages the community service requirements for the Ontario Senior School Diploma (OSSD) and the Ashbury Diploma. Community service fosters empathy for others, motivates a deeper personal commitment to making a difference in society, and shapes a concrete understanding of the common good.

Round Square

Round Square is a world-wide association of more than 80 schools on five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. Students attending Round Square schools make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility. This is achieved by participating in community service, work projects, exchange programs and adventuring, which can, and often does, take students half way around the world.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program

Ashbury participates in this international program that challenges youth in key areas of personal development, service to the community, physical challenge and leadership. This program fosters self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility, and personal discovery.

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