Ethical and Spiritual Development

To nurture well-rounded, responsible citizens, Ashbury provides an environment that supports constructive debate, makes time for reflection, and encourages community involvement and personal responsibility.Students discuss current events and issues related to philosophy, civics, sociology and peace and conflict studies in form, reading periods and with guest speakers. 

Respect and responsibility are cultivated in all students through the daily life of the school, fair play is stressed in competition, students and teachers act with respect and concern for each other, and students initiate and participate in projects to address social and community issues.

Our chapel program is a vibrant part of the curriculum. The Ashbury College chapel is the spiritual centre and the heart of our school. Ashbury is rooted in the Anglican heritage and we take pride in celebrating the diverse multi-faith culture of our school community, Tuesday through Friday. 

Many Junior School students volunteer in service projects in Ottawa, but the main thrust of helping others comes through our monthly out-of- uniform donations where students seek out projects that benefit other students. Through service to others, Ashburians learn the difference they can make and the responsibility they have to contribute to our local and global communities.

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