Leadership, Experience, Education and Development for Every Student

LEEDES is a program, unique to the Junior School at Ashbury College, that is built on four pillars: Leadership, Experience, Education and Development for Every Student. The goal of the program is to add value to the students’ academic endeavors by providing a variety of experiences that challenge them to be well-rounded students and citizens in their community.Students develop their respect and appreciation for the environment through time spent in the outdoors, both at the Earth Studies and around Ottawa. Through the interaction and work with the wild animals in the rehabilitation centre, students learn to become stewards for the environment and how to minimize their footprint in a natural environment.

Community Service opportunities provide students with a chance to develop a number of skills, encourage cooperation with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and of various ages, while displaying generosity and goodwill to others. Trips are another venue where students are able to open their minds toward new experiences, step outside of their comfort zone and embrace academic subjects from a new perspective. In the classroom, students participate in various character building activities with their form to explore issues and themes relevant to their age. Some topics that are covered include leadership, communication and teamwork.Students who become a part of the House Captain component of the program take the initiative to be leaders and representatives among their peers. They develop skills in communication, decision making, organization, event planning, conflict resolution and public speaking. They are role models for Junior School students who take the lead with school spirit and inspire other students to get involved in Ashbury life.

The LEEDES program is all about helping young people develop their self-esteem to become confident individuals with positive contributions to their school and society. The goal is for students to show commitment to their education, development of their character, and achievement of many new skills.

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