Science at Ashbury

The Grade 4, 5 and 6 Science programs introduce students to the scientific process and allow students to investigate and understand fundamental concepts. Connections between science and technology with society and the environment are explored and students are taught skills, strategies and habits of mind required for inquiry and problem solving. Students develop a factual base of scientific knowledge through an emphasis on hands-on activities and lessons are enriched through sessions in the Junior School science laboratory. Students are often divided into design teams and together attempt to discover solutions to assigned challenges. Grade 4 students learn about habitats and communities, pulleys and gears, light and sound as well as rocks and minerals. The units of study in grade 5 include human organ systems, forces acting on structures and mechanisms, properties of and changes in matter, and conservation of energy and resources.  Grade 6 students explore biodiversity, electricity and electrical devices, space and flight. 

In the Grades 7 and 8 Science programs, students study biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and engineering. This allows for the appropriate depth of study in each discipline and the recognition of the relationships between them. Students deepen their experience with the scientific method through a large variety of investigations designed to support the acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitudes in science. All grade 7 students plan and conduct an independent science investigation and share their work with scientists in the community. Throughout the year, grade 7 students investigate heat in the environment, pure substances and mixtures, form and function, and interactions in the environment. Grade 8 students study water and partner with the Ottawa Riverkeeper to develop their understanding of the local watershed and threats to our water systems. They test water from the Ottawa River and do a clean-up of the shoreline in the spring. They also explore fluids, systems in action and complete the year with a biology unit on cells. Through a series of opportunities, experiences and evaluations, students are encouraged to become capable problem solvers.


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