Science at Ashbury

Grade 4, 5 and 6 Science
Through sessions in the Junior School Science and Discovery Laboratories, this enriched program aims to help children develop appropriate scientific attitudes, skills, and knowledge. Students develop a factual base of scientific knowledge through emphasis on hands-on activities. Students are introduced to the scientific method through investigations in the lab as well as the Design Process to foster creativity and problem-solving skills. Students are divided into design teams and together attempt to discover solutions to assigned challenges. These challenges include an excavation and identification of rocks and minerals (Grade 4), the design and construction of solar cookers (Grade 5), and the creation of electrical circuits (Grade 6), to name a few.

Grades 7 and 8 Science
Students study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science and Engineering. This allows for the appropriate depth of study in each discipline and the recognition of the relationships between them. Students perform activities that allow them to develop skills and the understanding of concepts independently while under teacher guidance. These activities take the form of controlled scientific investigations, and students learn how to ask questions, write hypotheses, identify variables, and collect and analyze data. Students develop skills with formal lab report writing to communicate their findings. Students in Grade 7 have the opportunity to work on an independent science investigation project and participate in the annual Ashbury Science Symposium. Our students showcase their projects annually at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair. The highlight of the Grade 7 year is the wind turbine project; this task requires the collaboration of students in teams to apply their engineering design skills and design and build model wind turbines. Grade 8 students explore and learn about their local watershed through a partnership with the Ottawa Riverkeeper and hands-on investigations in the lab. The major design challenge for Grade 8 involves students applying their understanding of systems. It gives the students an opportunity to design, code and build a useful device that operates using a Micro:bit.

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