Custodianship, Student Visa, Study Permit, and Insurance

All non-residents under the age of 18 studying in Canada must have a Canadian Custodian. Ashbury, along with a  growing consortium of other independent schools, relies on the professional services of International Student Guardianship Canada (ISGC) and the Canada Homestay Network(CHN), to ensure our students are safe and well taken care of during times when Ashbury is closed (for example during long weekends and holidays when students must vacate the residences).

Student Visas and Study Permits are increasingly more complex to apply for and in some countries the process can take months. International Student Guardianship Canada takes the stress and work out of the tedious and lengthy application process and can guide you and your child through the Visa and Study Permit application and renewal process. International Student Guardianship Canada (ISGC) offers immigration services through a registered immigration consultant to international students who need assistance. Please contact them directly.

Learn more about the Canadian Custodianship, Visa and Study Permit requirements and how ISGC and CHN (view fees) can make the process easy for you.

Insurance is available through For more information about the plan please consult this policy summary

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