Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Ashbury families obligated to give?

A: Charitable giving is a private family decision, and is never compulsory. Ashbury’s success today is a result of the generosity of those who have given to the school in the past. And to continue this tradition of excellence and growth, every member of the Ashbury community does have an expectation that you will want to give, within your means.

Q: Will our gift really make a difference?

A: Yes. Gifts to the school have a direct impact on Ashbury’s strong academics, athletics, arts, theatre, music and other programs in which our students excel. Every gift counts. Gifts of any amount demonstrate confidence in Ashbury and caring toward the school community.

Q: What is Annual Giving?

A: Independent schools rely on tuition income, Annual Giving contributions, and other fundraising efforts to meet operating expenses. As an independent school, Ashbury receives no government support. The Annual Giving program must be fulfilled every year to help enhance the classroom, invest in the individuals who will lead us in the future and enhance Ashbury’s long-term reputation.

Q: Are there ways to help in addition to financial giving?

A: The College simply could not operate without parent volunteers. Volunteer time and talent are critical to the success of the school. Volunteers support various events, such as Homecoming, the Ashbury Ball, annual golf tournament, Springfest, International Potluck, and much more. Volunteering allows parents to gain deeper insights into the operation of the school and their children’s lives. Meeting fellow parents through volunteering is also a great way to enhance professional connections and personal friendships

Q: Is it possible for my gift to remain anonymous?

A: We are aware that on occasion individuals prefer their gift to remain anonymous. We will certainly respect and honour your wishes in this regard. Knowing that individuals have different ideas on what anonymity means, we prefer to consult directly with you to determine the level of privacy that would be most appropriate.

Q: How do I obtain a receipt for my gift?

A: You will receive a gift receipt in the mail after we process your gift. Be sure to keep the receipt for your tax records. If you have lost your receipt and need a copy, you may contact Advancement Services at 613-749-9630 ext 299.

Q: Is there any point in giving if I can only give $10 or $20?

A: Yes, yes, yes! Even a nominal gift makes a statement that you support your school and want to be listed as a supporter. Every person who gives, no matter what the amount, is crucial in helping us reach our Annual Giving goal. Parents’ participation in the various ways to support Ashbury has made a significant difference in the resulting educational opportunities for our students.

Q: What are planned gifts and why are they so popular?

A: Bequests and gifts of life insurance allow donors to help Ashbury in the long term, while still retaining assets during their lifetimes. All planned gifts provide considerable tax advantages. When considering planned giving options, we encourage donors to contact Advancement Services. 

Q: Is the Ashbury College Foundation a registered charity?

A: Yes! The Ashbury College Foundation is a registered charity and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. The Ashbury College Foundation Charitable Registration No. is 11879 0971 RR0001.

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