Distance Learning @ Ashbury

Distance learning provides the opportunity for students to continue the Ashbury experience, and the school year, at home. Through a combination of technology and creative off-screen programming, students remain connected with faculty and their classmates by engaging in meaningful ways.

Ashbury follows a daily schedule similar to typical school day. Faculty deliver coursework with a flexible approach for our diverse student body. With learners currently located around the word, time zones are considered, with class recordings to make it possible to check in outside of scheduled class times.

Course delivery methods are different for each grade and course level and lessons may be task-oriented or interactive. Students balance screen time with other activities, including going outdoors where possible, and are supported by various wellness outreach initiatives. Read our Distance Learning Guide.

Watch our Deputy Head of School’s address on Ashbury’s distance learning program.

"Thank you for all your effort to continue our children’s education."

"Our Grade 12 daughter has had an excellent experience. Thank you for having the flexibility to pivot your curriculum to an online virtual platform so quickly. These are unprecedented times that require flexibility."

"I appreciate all of the hard work the faculty and staff are doing to adapt to a very fluid situation. It is also teaching our kids on how to adapt and be resilient!"

Co-Curriculars and Student Support

Where possible, school co-curriculars are continuing from a distance, with students participating in clubs and other programming. Our Teacher Advisor Groups meet virtually, providing students the opportunity to connect with a home form and check in with peers. Staff from Ashbury’s Student Services Department continues to be available to support students through the course selection process and university admission, promote distance learning strategies, and health and wellness support through our wellness team of professionals.

Community Engagement

Community remains one of Ashbury’s core values, and school spirit is characterized by enthusiasm and cooperation based on strong and productive relationships. Virtual town halls allow parents to connect with one another and with the school’s administration, while our external community partnerships have been strengthened with the help of Ashbury staff who deliver food to local neighbours in need, and faculty who have 3-D printed face shields for local hospitals.

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