Boarding at Ashbury

Boarding is a unique experience that Ashbury College is proud and committed to offer to its students. One of our main goals in the boarding community is to promote Ashbury's core values in an authentic and meaningful way. The Ashbury boarding community is a caring, safe and structured environment. Students from over 30 countries, including Canada, grow and mature into responsible and committed citizens of the world.


The routine, guidelines and protocols are designed to ensure and promote the overall well being of our students. We expect our boarders to contribute actively towards making the boarding community a close and productive environment; our boarders are expected to be cooperative, committed and engaged.

Character Development

The Ashbury Chapel program fosters spiritual and ethical growth in a community founded upon integrity, tolerance and mutual respect.

International Engagement

Our boarding community prides itself on its cultural richness. As such, our boarders learn to develop integrity, tolerance and mutual respect by learning how to live with one another.

Personal Growth

Our leadership program is designed to allow our boarders to grow to their fullest potential. Student initiatives are strongly encouraged. Learning to become accountable and taking ownership for their choices are skills that will help them throughout life.

Academic Excellence

The boarders have two hours of supervised study time every Sunday to Thursday evening. The residential staff on duty is available to assist students with general home work during these evening study times. Tutoring is provided upon request. Each room is equipped with an Internet connection to facilitate research. Quiet study rooms are provided and the two main residences are equipped with desktop computers.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Founded in 1891
  • Canada's Captial / Bilingual
  • Dynamic residential life program
  • Academic / library support
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Chapel services
  • Weekend activities
  • World-class facilities

Why Choose Boarding at Ashbury

  • Academic challenge and support
  • Positive experience with motivated peers
  • Personal growth and development opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Better preparation for university



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