Saturday, November 17, 2018 | 5:30pm Cocktail Hour

Infinity Convention Centre | 2901 Gibford Dr | Ottawa, ON | K1V 2L9

Mango and Red Pepper Julienne,
fresh mint and coriander orchid petals
Lentil soup 
BEEF option
Indian Spiced Slow Roasted Beef Striploin
Saffron and cumin basmati croquette,
roasted vegetables, and brandy peppercorn sauce
CHICKEN option
Chicken tikka masala with fresh naan, Raita 
Saffron and cumin basmati rice, and roasted vegetables
Indian Spiced Chickpea Gallette - Raita
Saffron and cumin basmati croquette, and roasted vegetables
Cheesecake with Gulab Jamun
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