Funding Priorities

Ashbury College is guided by a five year strategic plan. This plan outlines a vision for the school to be one of the finest academic institutions in the world, ensuring Ashbury has passionate teachers, inspirational facilities, growing endowment funds and a diverse student body.

Supporting this vision, the Office of Advancement builds strong and enduring relationships with parents and alumni committed to ensuring Ashbury remains an outstanding school. The Ashbury College 125 Anniversary Annual Appeal will support four key areas: 

Access & Excellence

we are building a meaningful financial assistance program through the Endowment Fund which will help expand access to an Ashbury education for students with merit and potential.

Heritage Renewal

Through renewal of our Heritage spaces such as former residences (Advancement House), Rhodes Hall, and the Memorial Gym Hall, we want to celebrate our history and manage our resources for the long term. 

Science & Innovation

Developing our culture of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning is important to ensure that our students receive an education that is relevant in today’s world.  We are improving our Science and Innovation facilities and creating Teaching Chairs in areas of excellence.

Community Partnerships & Engagement

Ashbury has long had a tradition of service to others.  From hosting students fleeing danger during the Second World War, to sponsoring a refugee family from areas of conflict today, our students, staff and families have stepped up to help when help was needed.  Engaging our community whether through service or experiential learning, makes the Ashbury experience an enduring one.  We have created a fund to help our students accomplish and experience all that the world has to offer.


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Regardless of amount, every gift combines to help Ashbury achieve its vision.To discuss a contribution to one of these or another priority, please contact the Advancement Department at

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