Funding Priorities

Ashbury College is guided by a five year strategic plan. This plan outlines a vision for the school to be one of the finest academic institutions in the world, ensuring Ashbury has passionate teachers, inspirational facilities, growing endowment funds and a diverse student body. Supporting this vision, the Office of Advancement builds strong and enduring relationships with parents, alumni, and friends committed to ensuring Ashbury remains an outstanding school. All gifts to Ashbury College, regardless of size, are a statement of support for Ashbury’s mission. Philanthropic gifts from parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends help to support the people, programs, and facilities that make our school so special.
Centre for Science & Innovation
Ashbury’s current science facilities are almost 45 years old. With over one third of our graduating students pursuing post-secondary science or engineering programs, there’s an important need to support innovative lines of discovery and critical thinking that will meet the needs of tomorrow. Ashbury’s new spaces for science will provide students with university-level labs, setting a new standard for independent school facilities and acting as a catalyst for leading innovation. The building will be 40% larger than our current science classrooms, and will consolidate all senior sciences in the same area. Ashbury’s new $10-million Centre for Science & Innovation will involve two phases: renewed Junior science and innovation spaces (completed summer 2017), followed by the development of all Senior science and innovation spaces on three levels, replacing the current science wing.

Student Financial Assistance
In order to keep Ashbury accessible to a broad range of worthy students, a strong focus on student financial assistance must be maintained. Our goal is to ensure that deserving and outstanding young people are able to participate in the unique Ashbury experience. We are committed to providing bursary assistance to students who otherwise would be unable to attend the school, with a goal of increasing our student population receiving meaningful financial assistance from 7% to 10%.  As such, 10% of all support received for the Centre for Science & Innovation will be directed towards student financial assistance through the Ashbury endowment. The permanence of endowed funds is powerful; they will continue to keep the school accessible in perpetuity, influencing countless numbers of students.


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We are seeking your support to develop leading-edge science facilities, devoted to the pursuit of inquiry and discovery, and to help transform the lives of young, deserving students. Everyone is invited to participate in philanthropy at Ashbury. Gifts at all levels are deeply appreciated, and collectively, create a meaningful impact. To discuss a contribution to one of these or another priority, please contact the Advancement Department at

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