We have reached capacity for the 2018–19 school year.
Should you wish to be considered for the waitlist, please contact the 
admissions office.
To apply for the 2019-20 school year, please fill out an online application below.

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Application Forms

Junior School Application
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Admissions Dates for Entry 2018-19*

Day Visits

February 1 – March 9

All Applicants must write either our standardized in house examination to assess skills in English and Math – CAT or the SSAT. More information on the SSAT can be found at: ssat.org

Admissions Entrance Exam (local students only)

March 7

Application Deadline Round II

March 9

Round II Offers Extended

Week of March 26

For students applying from afar, please contact the admissions office.

* Day students only. For information on boarding dates contact Louise Di Prisco.

Application Process

Confidential Reference
We require one Confidential Reference per applicant. Please forward the following link to your child’s English or math teacher: www.ashbury.ca/rec. The Confidential Reference must be completed and submitted within 10 days of receipt.

Application Fee
The $150.00 application fee is non-refundable and is payable by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

School Reports
Please forward a copy of the applicant’s final report card from their last completed academic year, as well as any interim report cards as they become available. Email report cards to admissions@ashbury.ca, fax to +1.613.749.9724 or mail to Admissions, Ashbury College, 362 Mariposa Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1M 0T3.

All applicants will be interviewed during their Day Visit. Applicants unable to visit Ashbury College must participate in a telephone or Skype interview.  To schedule your interview please contact us at admissions@ashbury.ca or +1.613.749.5954.

Day Visit
Grades 4–8 applicants must spend a day at the school at any time during the application process. Grades 9 – 11 applicants are encouraged, but not required, to spend a day at Ashbury College at any time during the application process. Applicants living at a distance are excused from the Day Visit requirement. Please email admissions@ashbury.ca or call +1.613.749.5954 to make arrangements for a Day Visit

Entrance Examination
The Entrance Exam consists of a writing sample (not knowledge-based) and a standardized multiple-choice test for reading, mathematics and English-language skills at the applicant’s current grade level. For those living at a distance arrangements can be made to write the examination in your home community. Please bring a pencil, eraser, calculator, protractor and ruler to the exam; the protractor is not required for Grade 4 applicants. Registration is not required. Entrance examination dates.

Students may also write the SSAT (Additional Fee).

Financial Assistance Program
If you are interested in financial assistance, please view our Tuition and Financial Assistance Page or contact us at admissions@ashbury.ca or +1.613.749.5954.

Admissions Info

Admissions Information

Financial Information


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Email: admissions@ashbury.ca

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