Strategic Plan

Ashbury is very fortunate to have a committed and engaged community that cares very deeply about our school.  This plan is the product of informed debate and discussion within our stakeholder community and reflects a common view of Ashbury’s mission, vision and values as well as our strategic priorities and goals for the next five years.  

In February 2013, the Board of Governors appointed the Strategic Planning Task Force comprised of thirteen members representing the parent, staff, student and alumni communities to guide the planning process.     

The strategic planning exercise began with an information-gathering phase where we examined Ashbury’s internal workings and external environment as well as reviewed the latest research on teaching and learning and best practices with respect to technology in the classroom.  

It was followed by an extensive set of consultations with the Ashbury community that encompassed questionnaires, small group interviews and think tank sessions.  We received almost 1,300 responses to our survey questionnaire and received valuable insight into the concerns and aspirations of students, staff, alumni and parents.  More than 50 percent of Ashbury households replied to the survey, 88 percent of staff, 70 percent of students and 11 percent of alumni.   

An additional set of surveys was circulated to staff members to examine more closely the current state of teaching and learning at Ashbury and opportunities for improvement.  Task force members met one-on-one with close to 30 members of the faculty to discuss their ideas.  

With the Head of School transition in January 2014, we undertook more formal consultations with the student, parent and staff communities.  We heard much at these sessions about what Ashbury means to them, what the school’s goals should be over the next five years and how these objectives can best be accomplished.  

In March 2014, we held a think tank session with Board members and representatives from staff, student and parent communities.  We received useful feedback on our proposed goals and action items which we were then able to incorporate and revisit at a board retreat in April 2014.  Following an additional set of revisions, the plan was approved by the Board of Governors on May 21, 2014.



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