Ashbury College Guild

The Ashbury College Guild is a parent volunteer organization that is both a fundraising and a friend-raising body, founded in 1950.  We work in alignment with Ashbury College’s vision and mission to engage the Ashbury parent community by encouraging volunteer participation in Guild sponsored activities and events.  From Homecoming, the Ashbury Ball to Springfest, the energy and excitement is buzzing all year round and these events are critical in bringing together the Ashbury community while supporting Ashbury students by raising funds for a variety of curriculum enhancing programs, scholarships and endowment. 

All parents and legal guardians of current Ashbury students are eligible to stand for election to the Guild.  Members may hold office for a period of three years and past members may reapply after a one-year absence.  The Guild is comprised of 15-23 voting members and up to 5 non-voting members.

Guild Operational Guidelines

For the 2017/2018 school year, The Ashbury Guild allocated funds raised as follows:

Each year the Guild allocates $10,000 to the Dorothy Napier Guild Award, a long-standing scholarship fund.  Working with school Administration from their Ashbury Annual Funding Priorities list, the Ashbury Guild has voted to allocate the remaining funds as follows:

  • $5,000 to the purchase of two livestream cameras
  • $10,000 to podium upgrades
  • $5,000 to the purchase of three microphones
  • $200,000 to the Centre for Science and Innovation, of which 10% ($20,000) has been allocated to the Ashbury Guild Endowment Fund.

With the support of the Ashbury Community, the Ashbury Guild was able to donate a total of $230,000.

The Ashbury Guild also provided funding for events such as the Ball, International Potluck Dinner/ Artshow and Springfest.

In the past, the Guild has also contributed funds to a new school bus, smartboards, Jr. School pod furniture and virtual reality equipment.

Upcoming Events

Watch for more information on all Guild events in the E-Weekly.

Guild Award Winners

Guild Awards, awarded for diligence, effort and greatest improvement.  The Guild would like to congratulate all the recipients of the 2017-2018 Ashbury Guild Awards for Merit.  The plaques in the Junior and Senior School are awarded to a student from each Form for great effort and/or improvement.  
Please note, award recipients are vetted and chosen only by the Ashbury Staff.

  • Grade 4 – Braden Dolan
  • Grade 5 – Carolina Alonso
  • Grade 6 –Myron Klepatskyi
  • Grade 7 – Natalie Wang, Miriam Rida and Anne Scott
  • Grade 8 – Iyinoluwa Asekun, Richard Ilianu and Jiaqi (William) Wang
  • Grade 9 – Angelina Perrin and Jamie Turner-Patry
  • Grade 10 – Victor Ovind and Maria Avenal
  • Grade 11 – Erika Peiker and Regina Archundia Arenzana
  • Grade 12 – Anira Mohsen and Nicholas Paquin

Volunteer with the Guild

Do you enjoy volunteering, want to get involved in the school, look forward to meeting other parents, all the while making Ashbury College a better place for our children to attend school?

Then the Ashbury Guild can’t wait to help get you involved! Each year the Guild seeks approximately five to eight new Guild members to serve a three-year term, while coordinating events, attending monthly meetings and working with the school to fulfill the Guild’s mission statement:   To foster and maintain a sense of community and volunteerism within the Ashbury community and neighbourhood by creating an inviting environment that encourages fundraising and friend-raising through participation.

We love recruiting new members to help keep the Guild’s events fun and fresh.  A nomination committee fills vacant positions in the spring of each year.  Please feel free to contact any Guild member if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you.  The deadline to apply is February 22nd, 2019.

Ashbury College maintains a volunteer list for individual project volunteer needs. This list is contacted for particular one-time volunteer needs and it’s a great way to begin your volunteer service with the school.

For more information, email

The Guild Executive

Karen Haebe

Anna Rumin
Honorary President

Micheline Saikaley

Jenny Shinder

Tracy Rait-Parkes

Sophie Dagenais

Mashooda Syed
Ball Chair

Jill Dickinson
Past President

Adriana Johnston
Ashbury College Liaison

Guild Members

  • Afrodity Aliferis
  • Stephanie Appotive
  • Sophie Dagenais
  • Jill Dickinson
  • Dona Gazale
  • Chantal Gingras
  • Janet Goodall
  • Karen Haebe
  • Charlie Hedin
  • Catherine Makris
  • Charlotte Mee
  • Tara Leigh Mierins
  • Wanda Peters
  • Tracy Rait-Parkes
  • Anna Rumin
  • Micheline Saikaley
  • Anne Schweighauser
  • Jenny Shinder
  • Mashooda Syed (Ball Co-Chair)
  • Nimroz Thawer (Ball Co-Chair)
  • Andy Thompson
  • Amy Tomlinson
  • Vanessa Von Finckenstein


Interguild is an organization which brings together representatives of Guild/Parent Associations of Independent Schools in Ontario, which are members of the Conference of Independent Schools (CIS).

From seven member schools in 1989 they now represent approximately 40 CIS schools located in Ontario. The Interguild Executive consists of between 8 and 12 members representing different member schools.

To learn more about the Interguild see their Facebook page.



Guild Meetings

Full Guild Meeting: @ 6:45 pm

  • Tues, Sept 11
  • Tues, Oct 9 – AGM
  • Tues, Nov 6
  • Tues, Dec 4 - Holiday Dinner 
  • Tues, Jan 15
  • Tues, Feb 12 - Bring a Friend
  • Tues, Apr 9
  • Tues, May 7
  • Mon, May 27 - EOY Dinner

Guild executive: @ 8:15 am

  • Thurs, Sept 6
  • Thurs, Oct 4
  • Thurs, Nov 1
  • Thurs, Dec 6
  • Thurs, Jan 10
  • Thurs, Feb 7
  • Thurs, Apr 4
  • Thurs, May 2


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