Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the guardian of the school's mission and core values and it sets the strategic policies for the future well-being of the school. New governors are nominated by the nominating committee and people interested should notify a current Governor or the Headmaster.

Board of Governors

Mr. Richard Dixon
Chair of the Board
Ms. Lori O'Neill 
Vice Chair of the Board
Mrs. Meena Roberts
Past Chair of the Board

Term Governors

Mr. John Lindgren
Ms. Janice McDonald
Mrs. Cathy McLean

Mrs. Karen Eva Abrahamsen
Mr. Ion Aimers
Mr. Terry Blake
Dr. Benjamin Chow
Mr. Kevin Pidgeon
Mrs. Menisha Sharma
Mr. Thomas Favret
Dr. Melissa Forgie
Mrs. Zahra Jadavji
Mr. Paul Lepsoe
Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook
Mr. Andrew Nichols
Ms. Victoria Shore

Serving Life Governors

Mr. Martin Parizeau
Mr. David Pigott
Mr. Chris Teron
  Mrs. Jean Teron
Mr. Stephen Woollcombe
Mrs. Debbie Weinstein

Life Governors

Mrs. Cynthia Baxter
Mr. Claude Bennett
Dr. Christopher Carruthers
Mr. John Kelly
Mr. Frederick Martin
Mr. Timothy Murray


Mr. Robert Paterson
Mr. Gordon Pimm
Mr. E. Ned Rhodes, Jr.
Mr. James Smellie
Mr. Anthony Tattersfield
Dr. David Zussman

Ex-Officio (voting) Members

Mr. Dan Craigen
Mrs. Crickett Lindgren
Mr. Rob Hall
Mr. James Baxter
Mr. Norman Southward (non-voting)

  Chair, Parents' Committee
President, Ashbury Guild
President, Alumni Executive
Chairman, Ashbury Foundation
Head of School

Honourary Governor

The Rt. Rev. John Chapman (non-voting)
Anglican Bishop of Ottawa

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